A Simple Daily Skincare Routine

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The foundation of a partnership between client and esthetician needs to start with open communication in order to reach your skincare goals. This is why I ask so many questions. I like to know what your life is like, how busy you are, what’s working for you now and what isn’t.

The more I know about what your daily life looks like, I can make realistic recommendations when it comes to your daily routine.

The first visit with a client is my favorite because we get to sort through all of the products you bring with you (I request this in advance) – even your makeup! I record all of the information as we review product the labels and talk about ingredients. I advise on what should stay and what should go, according to your skincare goals.

Your daily routine should be simple!  Here are the basic steps I recommend:

Step 1:  Cleanse .  Use the prescribed amount of cleanser and massage into your skin. A tepid water temperature is best and if you’re removing makeup, cleanse twice: once for makeup removal and once to make sure your skin is clean. Please do not scrub! Scrubbing can strip your skin and cause irritation.

Step 2: Manage your main skincare concern.  For some this means a serum. Some of the creams that I recommend to clients are multi-purpose and contain ingredients that act in ways to “change or improve” skin in that one step. If you are serious about clearing up the top complaints (acne, aging, pigmentation from sun damage or sensitivity) you may have an additional management product in your suggested products.  Management products are used after you cleanse your skin and . before you apply moisturizer. Most of these products are applied morning and night, but  sometimes only one or the other. I write down all of the “special” instructions for you.

Step 3: Moisturize.  Cleansing and managing can jeopardize the integrity of your skin.  Moisturizer allows your skin to maintain its ability to function normally and repair itself.  Skin is pretty amazing and given the proper environment will do most of the heavy lifting for us.

Step 4: Protect. Always use sunscreen. This is a MUST HAVE in your daily routine. If you skip this step you are wasting all the money you spent on steps 1-3 .  I can recommend a suitable sunscreen product for you.

So, you may be asking why I haven’t suggested eye cream, lip treatment, spot treatment, or an at-home scrub? Once you’re set up on a routine, then I recommend incorporating those pieces, but I believe that you can overwhelm yourself and your skin with too many items and too many steps.

When you come in for a treatment, I listen to your concerns and together we create a treatment to reach your goals.

A partnership between esthetician and client is a truly beautiful thing! It’s a relationship I cherish.

See you soon!

– Liz