Green Peels and LED

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Skin Care | 0 comments

Green peels are designed to detoxify the skin. A blend of botanical and marine ingredients are the base for this peel. Peel can be a scary word for some folks. Think of the green peel as the “anti-peel”. You do get an exfoliation from the treatment but no actual peeling afterwards. I like to mix in different things for different clients. Ideally the mix in to the base provides the necessary ingredients to enhance the results and provide slip to massage the peel into the skin. Green peels will leave your skin with a prickly feeling over the next several days. I would not recommend exposure to lots of heat as this will enhance the prickly feeling. This is a great treatment to have mid week for a fresher look on the weekend or for an event.

LED is one of my favorite treatment modalities. LED is FDA cleared to treatment aging skin (wrinkles) and acne. It also enhances the healing of skin, provides immediate improvement and has cumulative results when used long term. Clients love “the light nap” because it is relaxing and enhances the mood by exposing the client to “light”.

I suggest this combination of treatments for my VIP clients during the summer months. It is a great way to customize a treatment with antioxidants and healing light. Antioxidants enhance our sun protection with SPF so it is a perfect choice. If you haven’t tried this combo consider it for your next treatment.