Mask Acne – It’s a thing!

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Mask Acne | 0 comments

Mask acne has become one of the most asked about concerns.  People are wearing masks more and more to protect themselves and others.  This is our suggestion for mask acne and how we can help:

1.  Breathe!  I mean really take some deep breaths (without your mask) as often as possible.  All of us tend to shallow breathe in most situations anyway, add the mask wearing and we are getting worse.  Deep breaths help with stress, they increase the level of oxygen in your body and its FREE!  Slow down and take a deep breath.

2.  Bring better circulation.  When you are wearing a mask and re-breathing your own air your skin isn’t getting it’s best circulation and that dark damp poorly oxygenated skin in ripe for bacteria.    You can increase circulation by using a ultrasonic cleansing brush like Luce Beauty Facial Cleansing Tool.  This silicone tool allows great exfoliation and increases circulation without stripping the skin barrier or causing inflammation.

3.  Treatments that include extractions will help clear congestion.  Please, please please don’t get in that magnifying mirror with some tool from Amazon and start scarring your face!  Come in for a visit and we can focus on extractions if that’s what you need.  A cleansing tool like the Luce Beauty Facial Cleansing Tool can also help with  clogged pores.

4.  More aggressive acne can be treated very effectively with micro-current and LED light.  We can match a combination that works well for your skin and your specific needs.

Don’t let mask wearing get you down.  It’s been a pretty tough year.  This can be treated effectively.  If you need more advice come in for a consultation or schedule an appointment.  We are holding a safe space in the studio for you.  See our safety statement to understand how we are keeping people safe during visits.