Body Treatments

BioRePeel Cl3 Gold

This peel features 50% TCA in a safe penetrating formula.  This is our GO TO Peel for sensitive skin!  This is a great choice if your goal is to improve the following:

  • skin laxity
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • pigmentation/sun damage
  • acne
  • skin luminosity (tone and texture)

The body peel is performed on 1/3 or less of body surface area at each treatment in steps:

  • An exfoliating cleanser and activator is massaged into the skin and removed
  •  A salicylic charcoal mask and activator is then applied and removed
  • The peel is then applied, rubbed into the skin and removed

This peel has little to no downtime but you may experience increased dryness and possible slight flaking up to 48 hours after the treatment.  The results and instant and cumulative.  Best performed weekly for 3 to 4 weeks for optimal results.​  A series of 3 to 6 treatments every 7 to 10 days is suggested.  Clients using AHA, BHA, and/or Retinols in their home care routine must stop these ingredients for 7 days prior to the treatment.  You should also avoid using AHA, BHA, and retinol for 7 days after the peel application.

Pro Suggestion: choose Nano Pen add on for this service
Add on options: microdermabrasion, nano pen, LED

Pricing for BioRePeel Gold vary based on how much of the body surface is treated.  (Product costs vary) Please call us to arrange a quote for services.

Body Micro-current Treatments

Our body treatments start with measurements of your body area, photos and an in-depth consultation.  We want to discuss your lifestyle and any past treatments you have experienced and your results.  Body treatments are designed to:

  • Decrease in the appearance of cellulite
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Increased skin tone
  • Tighter skin in the area treated

We have 26 channels of treatment possibility for the body which can treat arms, legs, abdomen, chest and butt.  We often treat multiple areas at one time.  Electrodes are placed on the skin with leads to the device.  This treatment is often described as more active than a facial micro-current treatment due to the expanded treatment areas.  We adjust the depth, intensity and timing of micro-current to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable treatment aligned with your goals

No extractions are performed during this service

Add on options: microdermabrasion, Herbal Infusion mask with non-GMO, organic and/or locally foraged ingredients, LED

​Body Skincare Treatment

We believe a great body treatment is not only relaxing but beneficial for skin health.   Our body treatment is designed to improve the tone, texture, and firmness of your body skin.  All clients should disrobe to the level of their comfort.  We encourage you to bring a bathing suit with you for the service.  We utilize professional draping techniques for this service.
This treatment includes:

  • Heated table to provide you comfort and relaxation
  • Dry brushing to promote lymphatic drainage, increased circulation and stimulation of collagen
  • Custom blend essential oils to address your primary skin care goal for this treatment
  • Custom blended clay and herbal skin mask to firm skin and further reduce the appearance of imperfections
  • You are then wrapped in a hot towel and insulated for infusion of the healing herbs, clays and moisture.
  • We remove with towels and apply a custom blended moisturizer to finish.

Your skin will be glowing and rejuvenated.  No extractions are performed during this service.

Add on options: microdermabrasion, Herbal Infusion mask with non-GMO, organic and/or locally foraged ingredients, LED

Back Facial

The skin of the back can be neglected as we often can’t reach it to apply some TLC.  Back skin can also have black heads, breakouts, uneven tone or texture, and even sun damage.  Clients will be face down on a table for the treatment.  This treatment includes:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliation with a body brush or body scrub
  • Extractions
  • Hot towels
  • Moisturizer chosen for your primary skincare goal

Add on options: Herbal Infusion mask with non-GMO, organic and/or locally foraged ingredients, LED