Food Is Good

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Health & Beauty | 0 comments

We have all heard you are what you eat. There are lots of experts out there to tell us what to eat and when. I am not one of those experts. I can tell you what I know about food and skin.

If you have dry skin or red skin you likely have a skin barrier malfunction. This can come from over exfoliation, lack of moisture (internally) or using product that isn’t best for you. I find that most people are using too many things which complicates figuring out what is best to continue or stop.

Food plays a part here as well. A low fat diet may be great for your waist line but it can sometimes really be tough on your skin and moisture balance.

Add in some:
* fatty fish like salmon
* avocados contain good fats that nourish skin
* walnuts
* sunflower seeds
*sweet potatoes
* dark chocolate

As I mentioned, I am not a doctor. If you have dietary restrictions or health conditions please discuss nutritional changes with your doctor. Eating a diet rich in good fats is proven to improve skin. Be good to yourself, eat good foot, get facials, and wear some SPF. You got this!