“No Touch” LED Light Treatment For Social Distancing

by | Nov 15, 2022 | LED Light Treatment | 0 comments

It is a truly strange thing for me to develop a treatment that nobody is “touched”.  We as therapists touch people all day.  It is our super power to help others and touch plays a large part in that process.  Times they are changing!  We want you to have all the benefits of skin rejuvenation without personal risk.  It is for that reason that I am developing this touch free, social distance, high skin reward therapy option.

This is how it works:  Go to our scheduling page to arrange for your visit.  Here you will see the times available and pay for your visit.  When you arrive we ask that you come with a clean face (no makeup).  Please visit the freshly sanitized restroom and wash your hands before entering.  Come into the studio and you will be directed (from more than 6 feet away) to your treatment room.  You will find a single sheet on the table.  No robe needed for this visit!   The Celluma Pro will be on the table along with 2 small dishes with products.  Dish number one contains a serum.  Apply this to your clean face.  Choose your setting:  Acne or Wrinkles.  Choose to disable the pulse setting by pressing the button.  Put on your protective eyewear and place the Celluma Pro over your face.  Relax for a full LED treatment.  When the timer is out the unit will turn off.  Remove the eyewear  and return the unit and eye wear to the table.  Apply the SPF and you are on your way.  No need to check out as you have already paid for the service.

LED is an amazing therapy for your skin.  Red light LED (wrinkles setting) penetrates into your skin to produce collagen and elastin.  Help with age spots, improve tone and texture of skin.  We recommend this treatment for results twice per week for 2 weeks.  You move to treatments weekly for 3 weeks, and then monthly for maintenance.  This is a proven wrinkle reducer and is FDA approved to treat wrinkles!

Acne is a big problem for a lot of folks.  It’s painful and difficult to treat.  Acne products are often harsh and produce redness.  Blue light LED (acne setting) penetrates the skin to neutralize bacteria in the follicle.  There can’t be acne without bacteria.  This is a great way to handle acne for all age clients.  We recommend treatments 3 times per week for 3 weeks, then weekly treatments for one month.  Then a maintenance treatment monthly.  This is a proven treatment for acne.  This device is FDA approved to treat acne.

Please see our safety statement page for full details on our sanitation practices.  We take COVID-19 very seriously.   You will be asked to sign a waiver and provide a form confirming you are eligible for treatment.  We will not permit clients into the studio who are sick or who have traveled in the last 14 days.

​Watch a video instruction on this service below: