Resurrection Fern

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Resurrection Fern is a native plant. When Resurrection fern goes without water it will wither with silvery gray and looks “dead”. After a rain the plant springs back to life looking healthy again. This is attributed to the myconoside molecule which is thought to be a contributor to it’s miraculous “resurrection”. It’s no wonder this miracle worker is highly sought after in skincare. I chose Resurrection fern for a topical herbal treatment for due to these properties:
* it’s ability to balance moisture in the skin
* high concentration of antioxidants
* antibacterial & antifungal
* natural SPF qualities

The serum is designed to increase skin health, balance moisture and provide benefits of antioxidant, antibacterial and protection from environmental and aging factors in everyday life. To me there is nothing more magical than a plant that can return to life after death.

Resurrection fern grows in oak trees, fallen limbs, on posts or brick. It is abundant in the Charleston area and near my home on Johns Island. Here is a good visual of how it looks before and after a rain:

What the Science Says
An article published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science dated 24 October 2011 sites the myconoside molecule when isolated from the resurrection fern shows superior results to retinoic acid and retinol for the improvement of skin aging, skin radiance and elasticity:
Increase in collagen VI of 822%
Increase in collage XVI of 928%
Increase in elastin of 144%
UV oxidation protection of 100% in skin biopsies

The article further remarks a group of 20 volunteers when compared to placebo found these results after 15 days of use:
Increase in skin elasticity of 30%
Skin radiance improvement of 40%

The participants reported sustained results over 60 days of use.

These scientific facts are great markers for how the medical world is examining a more commercialized use of the plant molecule which will likely be lab synthesized. Our handcrafted serum is grown in my yard under my protection with loving care, free of harmful chemicals. I gather and make the product within hours of harvest. When producing products I use natural preservative methods. Products produced in the studio have a shelf life of 90 days when stored and used as directed. If you are ever in my garden and see him growing there, his name is Lazarus. Be sure and say hello.