Safety Is More Than An Action, It’s A Feeling

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Spa Treatment | 0 comments

The action of adopting a safety plan is smart, shows you respect those you serve and take things seriously.  There are strong feelings around wearing masks and closures of businesses and states (sometimes several times) in an effort to keep other safe.  Me personally I want to make others around me comfortable when I am in public.  I have no idea what the person next to me is facing from a health standpoint.  Let’s say we discover years from now that this mask wearing didn’t play a part in how this COVID disaster turns out.   It doesn’t “hurt” me to wear a mask and if it provides comfort to someone I’ll be glad I did it.

I am truly blessed to develop amazing relationships in my work with my personal clients and other professionals.  When I’m working with my personal clients behind the table I am more observant than before COVID.  Before our closeness to each other felt normal.  I didn’t get the feeling from people that I was ever “too close” to them.   Those were the days of breath mints and lip gloss!

Now things are different.  I still have those great relationships and cherish them.  I’ve noticed that some people are more comfortable than others in close proximity.  I try to be observant of the energy between myself and the client.  It’s more about them than ever.  The last thing I want is to provide a treatment to a client that is fearful or unsure.  That’s not what we do.  I’ve noticed body language more.  For example, I commonly use a LED panel in my treatments.  I’ve found myself placing the LED under the Facial Guardian.  It fits nicely.  I do it because the moment that I remove that panel and those eyes open the client gets a “feeling”.  Consider the fact that they have been there “light napping” and then open their eyes.  If they don’t see that barrier it’s like they felt exposed in some way left uncovered or naked.   It’s easy for me to leave it there, it makes them happier and that makes me happy.

When the term “new normal” was coined earlier this spring I hated it.  I still don’t say “new normal” but I’ve come to understand it more.  We should consider that clients may come to expect more or maybe different things.  I’ve had many estheticians tell me “we have always been at a level of sanitation more than what clients are aware of, why should I change?”

When I worked in a hospital system there was always a project going on, some kind of renovation.  Painting, polishing, something in rotation of every area.  I remember asking one of the hospital administrators about this.   She explained to me that when patients are surveyed on quality of care they equate cleanliness with quality and scuffed baseboards don’t scream cleanliness.   She explained that it is the patients perception along with the clinical outcome that keeps patients coming back and using the facility.  I’ve always remembered that.  It applies in this instance more than ever.

Perception is more than opinion just as safety and sanitation is more than an action.  Consider what your clients see, what you do, what you say and how they feel.  The connection could be stronger than you think.

I’d love your feedback on this topic.  What is working for you, what isn’t?  How do you feel?