SPF and You

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Skin Care | 0 comments

Everyone has opinions on sunscreen. Myself included. I believe that you should wear it, you should find one you like, and it should meet your needs. When I think about sunscreen I think about Zinc Oxide. That’s right the white stuff! It is my favorite sun blocking ingredient. It’s skin friendly and decreases inflammation. Those with sensitive skin will enjoy a sunscreen with a higher concentration of Zinc and Titanium Dioxide.

If you visit the studio you will find there are a few sunscreens to choose from. My favorite is the Lira BB Creme’. It is tinted, provides moisture and SPF 30. This allows you to wash, apply and go! I like simple. I also have the Hale and Hush SPF available for those that want a non-tinted option. Both of these products are great for daily use and/or beach use.

Sunscreen for your body a concern, it should be. I personally use the MD Solar Sciences Quick Dry Body Spray, SPF 40. MD Solar makes many products, I like this one the best. It is easy to use and water resistant.

The biggest mistake people make with sunscreen is not reapplying. Remember that’s really where things start to go wrong. If you don’t reapply you aren’t protected. When should you reapply, after swimming/sweating and drying with a towel or every 2 hours whichever comes first.

I will quietly remind you that sunscreen is your best beach companion. It is the one thing that if you use regularly you will age graciously and improve your overall health.

Go out, enjoy the weather! Take along some sunscreen. 🙂