Lash Love!

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We LOVE lashes, we all do. If you look at the top cosmetics sold you will find mascara at the top. In fact many people do not go without lashes and lips. The framing of your features ensures that people focus directly into your eyes and are more attentive to you. Lashes are often considered a must have for brides, prom, and other special events. Lash enhancement can change the shape of your eye, create a more “awake” look to your eyes, and provide a youthful look. Lash love comes in all price points and maintenance points.

Here are a few components of each service for you to review in making your choice:

Lash extensions are extremely popular and well gorgeous. If you are looking to add instant length to lashes classic extensions are a great choice. A lash extension is placed on each natural lash. The artist can add different curls and lengths to your application to create a one of a kind look. If you are looking to add volume and length this can be accomplished with volume extensions. The natural lash receives a fan of lashes to add length and volume. This look is also custom designed for you.

If you are considering lash extensions research some looks you like and bring a photo to your consultation. It will be a great communication tool between you and the lash artist. You should also not wear makeup to your appointment. Be prepared to keep your lashes dry and avoid humidity for the next 24 hours. There are several other factors to consider:
* you must fill lash extensions every 3 weeks or so to maintain the look
* you must care for the lashes at home by not wearing certain cosmetics and using only oil free products
* you should cleanse your lashes every day with a lash cleanser and brush them once dry

Cost for lash extensions can vary but you should expect $260-$450 for your first appointment or “full set”. The price depends greatly on the artist and the style of lashes you choose. A full set takes about 2 hours or more to apply. Lash fill ins take about an hour and can cost between $75 and $95 again depending on the lashes and artist you choose.

Lash lifting and tinting is also a popular treatment. The treatment is fairly quick (about an hour). Lash lifts are limited to the lashes you have. The lashes are lifted with a perm solution over a silicone guide. The lashes are also tinted a dark color usually or a complimentary color to your skin and hair color. A curl level can be chosen by you and the esthetician however, most of the amount of lift is determined by the length of your lashes. You should arrive at your appointment without makeup and be prepared to keep lashes dry and makeup free for 24 hours. A conditioner is placed on lifted lashes to protect them at the end of your appointment. You will see the full effects of the lash lift the next day when the condition is no longer grouping lashes together. There are several factors to consider when choosing a lash lift:
* lash lift lasts about 6 weeks and keeps lashes curled and lifted
* you can use any product of your choice either skincare or makeup without compromising the lash lift
* no special precautions must be taken with lash lifts

The cost for a lash lift and tint is $95. You will need to lift and tint lashes about every 6 weeks and the same fee will apply.

Some lash tips and thoughts for any lash lover
Most clients want longer lashes. A lash enhancement serum can work wonders to improve the length and health of your lashes. Any lash treatment is better with healthy lashes. We recommend affordable products in the studio to increase lash length and mascara containing the same lash enhancement for those that are not wearing extensions. It is important to remember that all eyes are beautiful. We simply enhance the beauty you already have. We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have about treatments and products.